Ocean Research Group is made up of divers, dive instructors and people who are curious about our marine environment. We live in stewardship of the oceans by preservation, conservation and documentation. Join the Ocean Research Group for technical dive training, advanced dive trips & expeditions. 


Our Business

Our Business is to become better divers,  teach and inspire others to achieve their diving goals. We assist in trip planning and also schedule regular trips that will allow our divers to both practice and stretch their skills.


Our Customers

"Over the years I have utilized Robin and the ORG team both for its world-class training, but also for its technical charters and trips. With the training, I have been nothing but impressed. 

Robin is the type of guy who will go over the material with you again and again until you have mastered it. ORG is not a cert mill.  ORG wants to train divers who they and other students will want to dive with for years.  

During training, Robin will take you to real tech sites, to not only validate your skill set but also to show you what it is you are working for. As part of Robin's philosophy to train divers that he himself would dive with, he has in the past put divers in contact with other divers of different skill sets so that they can learn and grow from their peers." - Drew Wilson

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